1WorldSync manages the world's product data so companies can share trusted product information with each other and with consumers, driving business and convenience for everyone, all around the world.

Serving more than 17,000 companies across 60 countries, 1WorldSync is the leading product information network and data pool solutions provider, certified within GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). 1WorldSync supports the entire life cycle of product information exchange with solutions in Supply Chain Enablement, Product Risk and Compliance, and Omni-Channel Commerce.

ThoughtSpark and Riversand worked together to get MDMCenter to be GDSN Major Release 3 (MjR3) certified with 1WorldSync. This certification makes Riversand MDM Center equipped to prepare the community for the GDSN standards update well in advance of the May-2016 release.

ThoughtSpark team worked with the Riversand team to enhance the connector framework of Riversand MDMCenter product to adhere to the GDSN MjR3 release. This enhancement will enable product companies to establish the communication to 1WS data pool for publishing and synchronizing data to their trading partners.